This is just the beginning.

21 October 2015

This is just the beginning.

Here we are, a couple months away from 2016 and is finally live! That's fourteen years (!!!) after I first started handcrafting jewelry with my older sister and eight years after I began designing shoes and bags for a local brand in the Philippines.

Some would say that my namesake brand, LIANA ROSA, is a culmination from years of experience, but I don't quite see it that way. The products you see on this website today are not just a byproduct of my love for design and creating. They are a reflection of a woman who has found her "happy place". They are the result of countless hours lost in a creative daydream, sketching, making things with my hands, experimenting, failing, learning, and most importantly, doing something that makes me feel good.

So what's next? Over the coming weeks and months, we'll reveal our very first pop-up shop in Manila, release new products/collaborations, and officially announce our new retail partners.

Special thanks to my family, friends, customers and partners for your continued support and encouragement. This all feels very new and I couldn't be more excited to share this next chapter with you all. This is just the beginning.

 - Liana Navarro